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Our Studio

Mankind Pilates offers:

  • In-Studio Private & Duet Sessions
  • In-Studio Mat Classes
  • Virtual Private & Duet Sessions
  • Virtual Mat Classes
  • Virtual Special Workshops (Spine Corrector, Fix Your Feet, Prenatal & Postnatal)

You can participate in all of the above right from your home! Simply download the Zoom app onto your Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad and join a class or session! You will receive a zoom link via email prior to the class start time.

Please Note:

With concerns of COVID-19, I am taking every precaution to ensure that everyone is safe. Following state safety precautions, before your first in-studio session or class, you will receive a list of safety protocols. During this time, for safety reasons, only two people are allowed in the studio for the mat classes, and the rest of the class participants may join virtually.

Please wear a face mask coming to and from your session or class. Surgical, “more breathable” masks, will be available in the studio for physical practice. I will wear a mask for all studio sessions and maintain physical distance. Please bring your own mat!

Thank You!

Virtual & Small-Group

Mat Classes

Class schedule valid thru November. Classes will be reassessed monthly.

All classes are open level classes, however, let’s decide together what the best class is for you and your needs and goals!  All mat classes offer the proper modifications for anyone starting their Pilates journey!

*Each virtual mat class has a specific focus or specific prop utilized that is announced in a studio email at the start of every week. Both mat classes and specialized sessions utilize the various Pilates props in some of the classes (magic circles, foam rollers, therabands, triad balls, light hand weights, poles, etc).

We call this the “Sunday over-easy” class! Breath work and stretching will be a main focus. However, don’t’ think there will be any lack of balancing and strengthening! Classes will sometimes incorporate various “props” to assist and resist!

What better way to prepare children for movement . . . and life! In this 30-minute class, for 10 to 15 year olds, your child will strengthen all of his/her postural and powerhouse muscles, challenge balance, lengthen tight muscles, perfect footwork, correct tech neck and encourage a wonderful mind/body connection! A detailed class for injury prevention!

Need to decompress after work? And then enjoy a peaceful sleep? Pilates helps the body with both! Work on lengthening and strengthening your posture! Increase flexibility and bring balance to your body as a whole. Classes will sometimes incorporate various “props” to assist and resist!



This virtual, safe Pilates environment will offer a more personalize mat experience and focus on five main areas for the prenatal and postnatal body. This session will discuss and address diastasis recti, pelvic instability, Hormonal changes, and all of the major changes within the body as it goes through the various trimesters. Postnatal re-strengthening work caused by all of the prenatal imbalances will also be a focus. Closed to a small group, so session pricing applies (duet, trio and foursomes). The five areas of focus are:

– Strength & endurance for the legs, shoulders and spine

– Mobility of the pelvis, hips and spine. We will explore body positions that will best prepare you for the rigors of birth and recovery.

– Breathwork, which also helps prepare a body for labor and aid in recovery.

– Awareness and confidence – very important during this special time to be more mindful in our everyday movements.

– Stretch – to help ease the body and mind during this special time.

In-Studio or Virtual Private & Duet Sessions


Private and duet sessions (in-studio and virtual) are by appointment. To schedule, call 914-907-8897.

$90 Per Session

This is a personal Pilates training session! The workout is tailored to your individual fitness needs and goals. The exercises will incorporate various types of equipment such as the: Reformer, Tower, Wunda chair, Large barrel, Spine corrector and Pedipull. The session will also incorporate various mat exercises and props such as arm weights, magic circles, bands and balls. Made by appointment only. Package pricing available.

$70 Per Person

This is a Pilates session where two clients are working simultaneously with 1 instructor. The various Pilates apparatus are utilized, and some mat exercises are incorporated into the routine. You may provide your own partner, or request to be paired up. All partners must be at similar level. Made by appointment only. Package pricing available.

Please Note

A 24-hour cancellation policy applies for all sessions and mat classes (Zoom or in-person). All classes are 55 minutes long, except our children's class. Each virtual mat class has a specific focus or specific prop utilized that is announced at the start of every week.

Email [email protected] to schedule a private or duet/semi-private session, or call to schedule.
Please contact me to obtain details for the Mankind Pilates’ COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines.

"It’s the mind itself which shapes the body.”

- Joseph Pilates



Mat Classes

No mat classes are scheduled at this time.

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