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Ridgewood, NJ

Anne M.

I started working with Kristin during my third pregnancy. I was stronger going into delivery and my recovery and “fourth trimester” were not as challenging as they had been before. Kristin continues to challenge and motivate me to be stronger and to do a little bit of Pilates everyday. She has endless energy, enthusiasm and knowledge as well as the deepest love for Pilates.

Glen Rock, NJ

Luna N.

Kristin is an incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful and effective Pilates instructor. She helped me regain my strength after having children and brought me back to a place of fitness I thought was forever lost. Not only is Kristin exceptionally skilled at her craft, but her understanding of anatomy, alignment, and overall health is at the highest level. Her personalized approach to pilates, and the positive energy she brings to every session makes it a wonderful, invigorating, challenging-in-a-good-way experience! I know I will be working with her for years to come.

Ridgewood, NJ

Catherine A.

It took me 44 years to discover Pilates! I love how my body feels when I leave Kristin's intimate mat classes. Stress and stiffness melt away! I also get the benefit of a meditation class as my mind and body are focused on the wonderful cueing. She corrects movements and points out alignment to everyone's benefit! I had been so focused on centering my movements from my neck and upper body, but Kristin has taught me how to mindfully engage different parts of my body in order to rebalance my movements more efficiently! Kristin's passion for Pilates and its benefits are contagious! My husband has also enrolled in Kristin's mat classes and enjoys it as much as I do! Doing Pilates twice a week with Kristin has strengthened my body but also is reshaping me as posture is a key focus.

Ridgewood, NJ

Ann S.

I have never been a big fan of ``working out``, but practicing Pilates with Kristin has been a completely different and wonderful experience. I am amazed by her ability to observe even the smallest imbalance or discomfort during our sessions. She addresses whatever the issue is and then suggests some simple exercises at home as well (frequently posting links/articles on her Facebook site for me). Even during group mat classes, she is always giving everyone any adjustments they might need. Within a month of working with Kristin, I noticed a significant improvement in my strength and also body alignment. I was surprised that results were evident so quickly, and I know that is completely a credit to Kristin. She is so dedicated to her practice and her students, and motivates you to give all you have to your practice. The classes simply fly by, even though you are working so hard during them. I am officially addicted thanks to Kristin!

Paramus, NJ

Amy G.

I discovered Mankind Pilates as a referral through a dear friend. I wanted an intimate, small class Pilates experience in a supportive environment. I was still in the throws of postpartum-hood and needed a gentle instructor who understood my recovery. That is exactly what I found in Kristin! She has an unmatched passion for the power of Pilates on the body and on life. Kristin is able to create a very personal workout in a group setting. In fact, at the beginning of each class she observes everyone's posture and stance so that she can gear exercises and modifications to their specific needs. I have become so much stronger and confident taking her classes. So much so that when I have to miss a class, I am genuinely disappointed! Kristin is a wonderful teacher and takes her role in your strength and progress very seriously. Classes are always challenging, fresh, and fun!

Nyack, NY

Emilia F.

Meeting Kristin was a dream come true! After working with a Pilates instructor in Manhattan for many years, I was in search of a local knowledgeable instructor who could provide me with the personal attention I was used to all these years. Kristin is that instructor and so much more. She makes each work out my own by tailoring every session to my strengths or my weakness. She spends time planning a detailed work out prior to each session. That personal attention is a rarity and is what makes Kristin so special. Her workouts are consistently focused on strengthening and toning your body. She provides a work out that is ever-challenging and fun.

Ridgewood, NJ

Jen C.

I was a bit apprehensive about trying Pilates, until I met Kristin. Almost immediately she could pinpoint the areas that I needed to strengthen - I felt like she was more aware of my body than I was! Kristin's obvious dedication, enthusiasm, patience, and focus make her a great teacher. She develops personalized sessions that carefully push you to make you feel stronger each day. Each session always goes by too quickly and I am always looking forward to the next one!

New Rochelle, NY

Michael S.

For nearly 9 years, Pilates has been a life-altering progression in improving my strength, flexibility and posture. These results require excellent instructors, like Kristin. Her ability to combine classical Pilates with creative variations that the body needs on a particular day makes each class productive and fun. Pilates is a great workout, and Kristin’s skill and encouragements will keep you coming back for more.

Jersey City, NJ

Malinin R.

As an Anesthesiologist with some experience in chronic pain management, I am extremely impressed with Kristin's Pilates technique at Mankind Pilates. By focusing on strengthening and stretching the core muscles of the back and abdomen, she achieves excellent spinal alignment. Balance and equilibrium are naturally improved. Pilates increases the blood flow to various joints in the body, doing a fabulous job of warding off Ostearthritis. Personally, I have a herniated disk in my lower neck (C7-C8). Pilates stretches out the disk joint, and does WONDERS for symptoms of muscle spasm, pain, and pinching. I have worked with Kristin for more than 3 years and look forward to working with Kristin for many more!! EVERYONE needs Pilates!!!

Hawthorne, NJ (Cert. Yoga Instructor)

Cecilia R.

My only regret in terms of working with Kristin is that I didn’t start sooner. I began taking Kristin’s class during the 3rd trimester of my 2nd pregnancy. After my first class I was hooked! Kristin is an amazing instructor. I can honestly say she is one of, if not, the best fitness instructors I have ever worked with. Every week she motivated me and helped me maintain my strength as my due date grew closer. I continued prenatal classes with Kristin until the day before my son’s birth and I couldn’t wait to resume once I was cleared for exercise again. Now Kristin is helping me during the transitional postnatal healing period. I look forward to continuing to regain my strength and flexibility under her care and guidance.

Allendale, NJ

Regina G.

I began pilates sessions with Kristin soon after I met a 70yr old woman who had incredible strength and posture since working with Kristin. Kristin has since helped me create not only greater core strength and balance but more awareness in every part of my body. She is so passionate when it comes to changing her client’s bodies and uses a whole body approach to remind us how everything is connected in our bodies for total wellness and spine health. My husband has since joined the mat classes and more recently, my 22yr and 16yr old children have joined! In this age of sitting in front computers, we all love how strong we feel.

Maywood, NJ

Susan T.

After having two kids, my body is very grateful to have found Kristin and her Pilates expertise. She's passionate, energetic and you will feel great after working with her.

Wyckoff, NJ

Kathryn G.

Doing Pilates with Kristin has really helped me throughout my pregnancy. Not only do I feel as though I am maintaining my strength, I feel healthy and have more energy. Kristin is very knowledgeable about prenatal care and accommodating to what my pregnancy needs have been. I plan on continuing to do Pilates with Mankind Pilates throughout my entire pregnancy, as well as after the birth of my baby.

White Plains, NY (Pro-Golfer)

Kyla Basso

As a professional athlete, my body is my tool and I'm used to working out. Pilates with Kristin, has allowed my body to appear less bulky and more lean while maintaining my strength. Kristin has generated the best results I've ever seen on and off the golf course! My golf game has greatly been enhanced!

Fairlawn, NJ

Alison C.

Pilates with Kristin has been a wonderful experience for me! Kristin is hands down the best exercise instructor that I have ever had. I have tried yoga and other exercise classes, only to stop after the first class due to a lack luster instructor. But, Kristin is 100% committed to helping each of her students - giving them individual attention. Her genuine enthusiasm for Pilates and her expertise elevates the mat classes. She frequently goes above and beyond to tailor instruction on a need-by-need basis. I have often come home after class to check my email to find in my Inbox a note from Kristin offering up some additional exercises or other helpful information that would be beneficial for my personal needs. As a new mother herself, Kristin understands the challenges of having a little one and her infant classes are flexible and laid back, but also extremely informative. Lastly, even just after a week of working with Kristin, Pilates has made a significant impact on my strength and personal fitness. I feel more balanced and aligned, which I know I need for being a new mother - constantly having to rely on my core strength and upper back strength for all of the lifting! During my time at home, Pilates has been the highlight to my week!

Fairlawn, NJ

Nancy F.

I've been doing Pilates with Kristin for three and a half years. I was referred to Kristin by my physical therapist because of her expertise with various pain issues. I have multiple health issues including pelvic and back pain. Two years ago I had a bi-level spinal fusion which helped with leg pain and weakness. But my continued progress is significantly due to Kristin and religiously doing Pilates. My walking, balance, overall strength and confidence continue to increase due to Pilates. And Kristin, with her patience, positivity, creativity, and determination is always thinking of new approaches and exercises to help me improve. I am eternally grateful to Kristin and Pilates.



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